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About Us

"Amidst the complexities of today's commercial landscape, we are committed to empowering our clients in navigating and shaping the future with certainty and clarity."

Lytras & Associates LLC is an independent conflict-free boutique law firm with an acute international orientation and an unprecedented desire to drive change and reinvent what it means to be a modern law firm.


In doing so, we seek to redefine how we deliver value and success to our clients; by being unsentimentally focused on providing legal services (and legal representation) of the highest qualitative standard, meticulously tailored and strategically adapted to meet our clients’ specific needs and objectives – with the sole purpose on achieving unblemished results.  

Complementing our savvy determination to win is an innate desire to defy convention and drive change – to inspire, be accountable and contribute to a more refreshing, inclusive, fair and diverse legal ecosystem.

Our Philosophy


We have an undeniable desire to deliver high-standard value with a client-centric focus in everything we do, by approaching each engagement with our keen eye on delivering return on investment through our unique and tailored solutions.

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Problem Solvers

Lytras & Associates cardinal quality is to solve problems for its clients by being strategic, mentally perceptive, meticulous and always taking a pragmatic approach.

In doing so, we pride ourselves on always being up to date with the latest developments, globally, and having an astute sense of commercial awareness.


Defying conventions and the status-quo of the local firms’ practice we refrain from providing corporate administration services (trustee services) and acting on a retainer basis for local banking institutions. 

Thus, we remain unencumbered by the burdens of conflict - ergo promptly accepting instructions, particularly in urgent complex international disputes and in cross-border transactions; and delivering completely independent and unbiased services.



We are unchained by archaic processes, and free from the fetters of conformity, we are emancipated to be more agile and innovative in our approach, embracing technology and conceiving inventive strategies to give us, and you, the critical niche.

We seek to operate using the latest technology, from paperless working to remote-working and remote hearings; and we have close ties to market-changing companies giving us the critical advantage to remain at the forefront. 

Focus & bold

We are focused on delivering phenomenal results by challenging traditional notions and placing your interests at the forefront of everything that we do - consistently recognised for our focus by bringing canny solutions to bear- fast.

We are tenacious, confident and firm in our approach to negotiations and disputes. We believe that being bold not only gets the desired outcome but also flourishes results that exceed our clients’ expectations. 

Elegant Abstract Background

Quality over quantity

Innate within our DNA is an unequivocal desire to provide services of the highest qualitative standards.

In doing so, we accept only a limited number of engagements, ensuring that our exclusive clientele enjoys responsiveness and service which are consistent with the leading international firms and the highest standards of the profession.

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