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Data Protection & Privacy

Data Privacy and the protection of personal data are a matter of ongoing and continuous development, that possess a great risk for companies if they fail to put in place proper mechanism to safeguard themselves.

Our Boutique Firm has an acute awareness of the surrounding needs of the market and, based on its multifaceted background and strong network, is in a position to successfully provide its legal services within the different facets of data privacy, confidentiality and data protection. 

We provide a holistic service by undertaking full General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance programmes, audits, providing legal advice on data processing, sharing and exploitation both intra-EU or during activities outside the EU, advising on cybersecurity or other privacy breaches; advising on the privacy aspects of insourcing and outsourcing of business activities, as well as supporting and advising Data Protection Officers (DPOs) or offering fully fledged DPO services.

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